I am so inspired by each woman that intrust me to photograph her. The art of self love is so necessary. I ensure you that the investment you make with me will last a lifetime. I listen to every woman as we shoot and learn about her as a person. I value each and every opportunity to know the woman I photograph. A boudoir experience is not just about creating gorgeous photographs. It's about becoming intimate with yourself, & taking time to celebrate everything that you are, just as you are. My goal is to empower women do love their bodies through photography. This experience is meant to transform the way you view yourself and together we will create simple, subtle and seductive art that you will love and enjoy.



Boudoir sessions with us in our private studio located in Midland,TX start at $1,200 , and can be customized to include multiple outfit changes. We have gorgeous albums , digital files, beautiful acrylics, playbooks, & boudoir wall art available for purchase after your shoot. Please get in touch with us so we can send you more detailed information.Our Session Retainer for all boudoir sessions is $450 plus tax. 

A non-refundable session retainer of 50% is required to reserve your session. 

Our studio is the ONLY studio serving Midland/Odessa that specializes in Boudoir exclusively. 

Sessions include: 
One on one session planning in which I help you plan every detail of your session. 
A luxury boudoir experience in our private studio in Old Midland. 
Professional hair and makeup styling. 
Professional retouching and editing of your images. 
In person Unveiling session and Ordering appointment 1-2 weeks after your session 

The average Dollhouse Vixen client invests between $1,500 -$3000 on their luxury boudoir experience. 

We offer a variety of products to fit your needs! Products are purchased separately from your session retainer.

Individually customized payment plans are available for orders over $1000. Payment plans are 0% interest for up to 6 months!

We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal Credit!


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Ready to book?

In most cases, yes. I shoot with natural light only. So much of what we consider flaws are washed away in the beautiful lighting. I do smooth out the skin, however I want you to look like you, not plastic. I work mainly with posing my clients in the most flattering positions to accentuate your best features.

I have blemishes/stretch marks/ cellulite, can you get rid of that ?

Don't worry!! I guide you through every pose, tell you where to look, how to breathe, and we will make you look like a pro. So many women think they could never look like the girls on my website, and I'm here to tell you, YOU CAN & WILL !!

I have no idea how to look sexy ?!

You will come to our fabulous private studio in Old Midland if you are in Texas ! This is our home studio, and it has several different sets beautifully decorated just for you!  If you are a California client I typically shoot at The Kimpton Sawyer or The Citizen Hotel located in downtown Sacramento. 

Where Does The Session Take Place ?

I prefer for our clients to bring their own. The way you feel in an outfit is so important for your shoot. Bringing your own allows you to try on before your session. I like for you to come in knowing at the very least that you like what you're going to wear. We do have a plethora of outfits in studio that you can take advantage of as well. 

Do We Provide The Outfits ?

I do not share ANY of your images unless I have written permission from my clients. Your privacy & trust are so important to us. Many women I photograph have careers that are sensitive the the nature of boudoir photography, and/or known members of our community. If you aren't comfortable with your images being shared that is completely fine with us!!

Do I Share Your Images ?


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it is not enough to conquer; one must learn to seduce"


"I was so nervous when I arrived. Lauren & her team made me feel at ease and comfortable. I had the best time! Highly reccomend this experience!"


"I absolutely love my images! I did this for myself, and I will never forget how Lauren made me feel! I left feeling like a new person ! So glad I chose Dollhouse Vixen!"

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